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Financing Your Future



There is a lot of funding available to high school students interested in post-secondary programs. Our school has a special program for PSS grads only which last year amounted to over $40,000. Whether you are study in a short term program or a long 4 year degree there is money out there to help you meet your goals.


From special groups, i.e. CUPE, CGA, Canadian Legion offer entrance scholarships from specific post-secondary institutions and also scholarships from different fields of study, eg. accounting, digital sound, technology organizations offer financial support so check online.


In addition, there is a list of the newly arrived scholarships on the GRAD bulletin board in the commons. Students should periodically check this area to see what is available.


Provincial Scholarships

If you plan to continue your education beyond Grade 12, you can learn how to access money through scholarships available from the Ministry of Education. Scholarship winners receive vouchers to help with tuition costs at designated post-secondary institutions and authorized trades training providers. See http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/awards for eligibility requirements and application information.


The Passport to Education has been phased out and the following scholarships are available.


District/Authority Scholarships

These $1250 scholarships are awarded to graduating students with outstanding

achievement in one of several areas of interest. The areas include:

  • Indigenous Languages and Culture, demonstrated at school or in the community

  • Fine Arts (e.g., Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Music)

  • Applied Skills (e.g., Business Ed, Technology Ed, Home Economics)

  • Physical Activity (e.g., Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, not limited to Physical

  • Education)

  • International Languages

  • Community Service (Volunteer Activity), which includes demonstration of

  • local and global issues and cultural awareness

  • Technical and Trades Training (e.g., Carpentry, Automotive, Mechanics,

  • Cook Training)

Students should apply for these scholarships in the year they graduate directly to their local scholarship committee.


BC Excellence Scholarships

These $5000 scholarships are awarded to 55 well-rounded graduates who demonstrate community service, leadership, and commitment to their chosen career paths. Each secondary school in BC may put forward a nominee who must submit an application package to the Ministry through their school district office.


BC Achievement Scholarships

Graduating students with high achievement in a broad range of courses might qualify to win scholarships worth $1250. These scholarships are based on academic achievement in required and elective courses that meet graduation requirements.


Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarships

These $5000 scholarships recognize 20 exceptional Grade 12 students who plan to become teachers in the K-12 education system. Winners will receive a scholarship voucher to redeem upon entrance to an approved BC Faculty of Education teacher-training program. Students apply to the Ministry of Education for this scholarship.


Secondary School Apprenticeship Awards

Secondary School Apprenticeship (SSA) students are eligible for this award. The SSA Program Guide has additional information about criteria and procedures related to this award. Information is available at www.bced.gov.bc.ca/careers/apprenticeship_



Local Scholarships and Bursaries

All grade 12 students will receive a book in Feb. outlining the available local scholarships with the criteria for each application. Grade 12 students will have the opportunity to apply for these local awards. Applications will be due in April. These awards are presented at the Farewell Ceremony in June. Students are required to write a letter of application and identify the scholarships they wish to apply for. Although some of these awards are for academic excellence, there are others that reward citizenship, athletics, and community involvement.


Post-Secondary Sources

If a student has high marks they should try to apply to their post-secondary schools as early as possible since there are usually scholarships available to those students. The earlier you apply the earlier you can find out what you need to do to get the money. You should apply in November as some deadlines are in December.

Most post secondary schools will make sure that if a student has qualified to be accepted at the school that the school will work with the student to make sure lack of money does not prevent the student from attending.


Other online sources:

YCONIC online offering free scholarship matching & peer-to-peer support for your life as a student.  https://yconic.com/

SCHOLARSHIP CANADA online offering free scholarships from a variety of organizations http://www.scholarshipscanada.com/




BC Awards and Funding Online

There are many scholarships and awards available from government, post-secondary institutions, private industry, and non-profit organisations. Student Aid BC is also a government web site that provides some award programs.

http://www.aved.gov.bc.ca/studentaidbc/explore/grants-scholarships/ Students can search for awards by use of keywords and area of career interest through the internet.


We encourage all parents and grads to spend time looking for grants and scholarships.

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