Career Life Connections and Capstone Project

Understanding the Student Competencies 

‘Knowing precisely what a student will need to be successful in the future will always be a mystery. However, we do know there are key competencies that will prepare any person to respond and adjust with flexibility and confidence throughout their life. In order to support our students with this development, our district is encouraging a focus on higher order skills through a healthy, balanced approach.

’ Sea to Sky Strategic Plan  (



  • Core skills - communication, literacy,f

  • numeracy, readiness

  • Personal responsibility, health, habits of mind – self regulation, intra-personal skills

  • Resiliency, adaptability, intuitiveness, confidence


Create and Innovate

• Making something new

• Technical, artistic and digital skills

• Curiosity, Imagination


Think Critically

• Decision making

• Problem solving

• Synthesizing, analyzing, connecting deep thinking


    ‘Intellectual/Synthesizing Mind’



• Local and global citizenship

• Social responsibility, character development, leadership

• Environmental responsibility



• Interpersonal skills

• Being respectful of others’ opinions, flexible

• Working cooperatively


Career Life-Connections


This course replaces the Graduation Transitions credit and is a requirement for graduation. The Big Ideas of this course include the following:

  • Career-life development includes ongoing cycles of exploring, planning, reflecting, adapting, and deciding.

  • Career-life decisions influence and are influenced by internal and external factors, including local and global trends.

  • Engaging in networks and reciprocal relationships can guide and broaden career-life awareness and options.

  • A sense of purpose and career-life balance support well-being.

  • Lifelong learning and active citizenship foster career-life opportunities for people and communities.


The capstone is a leaning opportunity for students to reflect and share in personally meaningful ways, and is a requirement for Career-Life Connections.

The student will be asked to demonstrate how they meet the competencies which are:

  • Learn

  • Create/Innovate

  • Think Critically

  • Contribution

  • Collaboration


Assessment of the Capstone Project will begin in the spring through a presentation night. Students will sign-up for their presentation time early in the new year– stay tuned for the schedule announcement. Students must have a panel attend their presentation. The panel must include one of each of the following:  PSS staff, parent/guardian and/or community member, and peer(s).

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